With over 100+ associates here are a few of what some of our top people have to say of their experience at our organization.

Dillon Zartman

It is hard to put into words how much the SSBH truly means to me. I started with this organization as a 19 year old kid fresh out of high school with big dreams and visions, but wasn’t sure how to accomplish them. Found SSBH and immediately knew it was the place for me. I cannot put into words the things this business has taught me. I have grown so much in my mind, body and spirit. I could not have learned how to gain wisdom if it wasn’t for Jim Surace. How to have passion and an extremely intense drive if it wasn’t for Pat Bendure. I would not have learned how to grow my mindset to overcome any adversity if it wasn’t for Marcus Smith, I would not have been successful in the business and how to have vision if it wasn’t for Dan Hartwig. To sum it up, I owe SSBH everything, thank you for giving me purpose in my life.

Josh Elkins

Prior to joining in 2020, I had a background with the Department of Corrections for over 5 years. Not having any experience I was apprehensive, but I trusted my work ethic and knew I was ready for a change. The access to leadership and development provided is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Since then I have had multiple promotions and completely changed my life financially, as well as my visions and goals for myself and my families future, all while helping others to change their lives as well.
If you’re looking for an opportunity to grow that won’t put a limit on your earning potential, and rewards you by how hard you work, then this is definitely the organization to join.

Jimmy Sherwood

SSBH has been life changing for me and my family. Before working at SSBH, I managed a Chipotle restaurant where I found myself feeling over worked and under paid.
I was promoted for the first time within 5 months of starting at SSBH in 2014 and was given the opportunity a couple years in to expand my influence and relocate to Columbus, Ohio. Since then, I’ve been promoted 3 additional times and have had the opportunity to lead and develop others.
The commitment and dedication SSBH provides for training, leadership development and advancement gives you a huge advantage to accomplish what you want to accomplish. There is zero cap on your income potential and they put us in a position to score.
If you have ever considered a change, felt you deserved more, or just want to do business with like-minded individuals, then I strongly encourage you apply.

Tyler Teague

Working at SSBH has been amazing. I started with the company as a 19 year old intern with no experience in the financial services industry. Since I’ve been here, I can’t emphasize enough how much I have grown not just professionally but also personally. I never thought my internship would turn into something as great as it as. The mentoring, coaching and training has exceeded all of my expectations. I would highly recommend anyone looking for an internship or career to join SSBH.

Emma Nichter

I started my career at SSBH right out of college, with no experience in sales. With the leadership team and my coworkers, I was able to grow, not only in my career, but also mature in my personal life. This opportunity has given me so much in the short time I have been here – financial stability and some of my best friends! The unlimited growth opportunities that SSBH offers are unmatched – promotions are from within the company so there are very real opportunities to be in leadership quickly. If anyone is thinking about joining the SSBH family, I encourage you to reach out, learn more about us, and give it a shot!

Cathy J. Dishong

This opportunity is amazing! This company has changed our lives! When I came, I was in healthcare for 30+ years. This company has helped me grow professionally and personally, far beyond what I could ever imagine. The leadership and training is outstanding!
If you are looking for stability and growth in your life, this is the company to look into.

Jeff Tillman

I am truly blessed to be a part of an organization such as SSBH. To say anything less, would be an understatement. It has been life changing for my mind, body and spirit; not to mention financially. I have been with the company for a year and a half now and within that time I have been promoted 3 times. Such an amazing company to work for. It’s easily one of the best decisions I’ve made. The leadership here is second to none. They genuinely care about what they do, and who they do it for. It’s impossible to not become your own definition of successful when you have the best pouring into you daily.

Shonda Lewis

Working at SSBH has been an awesome experience!!! Yes…it’s hard work but why not work hard to protect families and your future. This company believes in promotion of women who want to become leaders. I have been 1099 my whole life but this company has raised the bar!!! I’m excited to build my legacy!!!

Avion Johnson

Having 20+ years of experience in sales and management, I’ve never seen anything that compares to SSBH. Their system and level of training create the opportunity for people like myself to succeed. I am surrounded by leadership and coworkers who genuinely believe in each other and encourage one another to become the best version of themselves personally and professionally. SSBH checks all of the boxes when looking for a career with unlimited growth and advancement.

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